Come Visit our Studio
Gary welcomes your visit to the Frehse
Taxidermy Studio, located just outside
South Milford, Indiana.  Stop in to see
for yourself the remarkable creativity &
exceptional workmanship.   

Frehse Taxidermy Studio
A second generation family business
providing full service award winning
taxidermy since 1966.  Museum quality
workmanship & materials.

   State & Federal Licensed
Best in Class
Decades of numerous awards and
customer testimonials document Gary
being one of the best in the field. 
Shipping completed mounts all over the
country is routine.

Gameheads and
   Lifesize Mammals
are Gary Frehse's specialty.  An avid
sportsman, he takes great pride in
creating realistic habitat settings that
complement his expertly crafted mounts.
Consider the
   Time and Money
you have spent to bag your trophy.  It
doesn’t make sense to settle for less. 
When only the best will do, contact
Frehse Taxidermy Studio.

High quality mounts
can be expected to last a lifetime. Poorly
done work can deteriorate in five years
or less. Don’t risk losing that once in a
lifetime memory to inferior services.

"Don't Trust Your Trophy To Less Than the Best"
When Only the Best will do...
Call Frehse Taxidermy - Today  !
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