How Do I Field Dress a Deer?
The Michigan DNR has a good publication in .pdf
"How To Field Dress a White Tailed Deer"
How Do I Field Dress a Bear?
eHow has an article referencing that and more
Hunting &

Purchase your
Hunting or Fishing Licenses online for
Indiana, Michigan
or Ohio
How to Choose a Taxidermist?
With many to choose from, how do you pick a good taxidermist?  Begin with the basics: are they licensed; do they have plenty of experience, do
they have a good reputation, are references available.

Now it's time to do your homework
on the processes involved in doing a quality mount.  Visit for a good starting place to find info on forms, tanning processes and
supplies.  Study up and compare for yourself. 
Then contact me to see what Frehse Taxidermy can do for your trophy of a lifetime.
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