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"I have used Gary for about 20 years as a taxidermist, and he does a great job.  His attention to detail is always very good, and he returns things when promised.  I have taken white tail, mule deer, elk, mountain goat and bear to him and they have ALL looked great, regardless of the species. Unlike some other taxidermists, I have never had a bad mount with Gary, or had to ask him to redo something because it didn't look quite right.  I know when I take something to him, I will always be pleased with the end results.  That is worth a lot to me."    Todd T.

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"I have used Gary as my taxidermist for years. He is the best in my opinion. I have seen a lot of other taxidermy work and none compare to Gary's work.

I have some really old mounts and they look just as good as when he first mounted them.

He has done my mounts from Africa, New Zealand, and Russia so he knows more than just animals from the U.S.

He does very beautiful and quality work. You will not go wrong using Gary as your taxidermist.

I wouldn't change to somebody else even if the cost was free.

Thank you Gary for all your hard work"        Warren W.
" 20 years...
NEVER had a bad mount "
I've been getting deer heads from Gary for
over 20 years.  I just got one back on
10/3/14 and I can't tell any difference in
this deer head and the one he did 20 years
ago.  That is how good his work is. I would
recommend his services to anyone.    
Jimmy W
     To me, a mount is like a fine piece of art.   It is something that
I plan on keeping for a long time and
I will look at almost everyday. Not only will I be looking at it
but all my friends and guests that come to my office or home will
also see it so I want it to be the best it can be.
     Gary’s work is the best I have seen and I looked at a lot of
mounts. I get a lot of compliments on my mounts. They are
something I can be proud of. Frehse Taxidermy is not the
cheapest but the old saying “You get what you pay for” is
generally true. So what if it costs a little more if its something
you’re going to have for the next 20 years.  Greg M
     Gary's attention to detail and turnaround-time speaks for itself. His superior detail work is by far the best versus any other work that I have had done and the timeframe that he completed the mounts is the quickest that I have gotten. It is truly a pleasure working with him……there is no doubt that he puts his heart & soul into every mount and he sincerely cares about doing his best for each and every Customer.
     Additionally; Gary is simply a great guy with a true outdoorsman personality who has great respect for nature and hunting. I would highly recommend that anyone take their next taxidermy need to him and experience his quality “craftsmanship” and “customer service” first-hand!   Ronald A
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