Best in Class
We are a full service taxidermy shop
providing a wide range of taxidermy

From gameheads to life-size bear, the
same excellent quality is found in all
Gary's work; best described as museum

Gary uses his outstanding artistic abilities
to create breathtaking mounts displayed in
their natural surroundings.

Our Best in Class workmanship has
gained media recognition from local
newspapers to national exposure on the
David Letterman show.
Lifesize Mammals & Gameheads
displayed in a natural habit
Our Speciality
Our Specialty
We specialize in Woodland animals, with
a passion for Gameheads and lifesize
mammals displayed in a natural habit. 
We also accept commissions of
Waterfowl, Gamebirds and Fish, along
with various specialty services.
Museum Quality
As we continue to provide museum
quality workmanship, it's increasingly
common to receive animals from all over
the world.

We take in animals from Asia, including
Russian bear hunts, African safaris, New
Zealand and Australian outback
expeditions, along with the more local
areas of Alaskan, Canadian & Western
wilderness areas.
Come Visit
our showroom,  located just north of   
South Milford.  Stop in to see  the
remarkable workmanship.   
Routine Shipping
It's routine to do commissions for animals
featured in television programs and
magazine articles. 

After the mounts have been meticulously
completed, they are carefully packed in
sturdy custom build enclosures and
shipped all over the country
Frehse Taxidermy Studio
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